The Chisago Clean Energy Hub offers home owners in Chisago County a variety of resources to identify and implement cost effective clean energy projects. Receive a free no-obligation solar PV assessment and learn if you qualify for a reduced cost home energy assessment. To access these as well as other Hub technical and financial resources sign up today.

Our Promise

At any point during your assessment or installation you may contact the Hub for guidance. We’ll help you understand the benefits of the project and the options presented by our contractors.

Gain access to the Chisago Clean Energy Hub and its network of technical and financial resources by signing up here or by contacting us by phone at 612-353-5760.

Energy Efficiency

Home owners in Chisago County's Xcel Energy service area may take advantage of special pricing for a home energy efficiency assessment.

The assessment is provided through a partnership with the Home Energy Squad and includes an evaluation of your home’s energy savings opportunities. The squad will perform a whole house air leakage test and an infrared camera inspection to pinpoint areas that need sealing or insulation. Also included in the service are installations of energy saving measures and devices, including;

  • Door weather stripping,
  • Programable thermostat,
  • Water heater blanket,
  • CFL energy efficient lighting,
  • High-efficiency shower head, and
  • Faucet aerator.

Reduced pricing on LED lighting upgrades are available through the Home Energy Squad. There is no obligation to install recommended clean energy measures.

At this time, residents outside of Xcel's service area are unable to take advantage of reduced pricing for Home Energy Squad’s services. Residents serviced by North Branch Power and Light or East Central Energy should contact the local utility provider to increase energy efficiency incentives.

After signing up with the Hub for a residential energy efficiency assessment; we will contact you, walk through the process, and answer questions you may have. From there, the Home Energy Squad will contact you to schedule a convenient time for your assessment.

Please be prepared to sign a release authorizing Xcel Energy to provide 12 months of past utility bills to assist the Home Energy Squad. The review of your past energy bills will help to evaluate the value and benefits of energy efficiency improvements.

Special Pricing for Early Sign Ups

For a limited time, Chisago County home owners may take advantage of reduced cost energy assessments. Through donations of generous Chisago Lakes community members, the $120 assessment is lowered to just $70. This incentive will be applied to the first 50 residential energy efficiency assessment sign ups.

Solar PV

Chisago County residents are already producing energy with roof and ground mounted solar PV systems. Learn if solar PV could be right for your family with a no-obligation solar PV assessment, quote, and access to finance options when you sign up with the Clean Energy Hub.

The Chisago Clean Energy Hub offers home owners a variety of resources designed to remove the technical and financial barriers to completing solar PV projects.

The Hub will work with you to;

  • Identify solar PV opportunities,
  • Understand available incentive programs,
  • Evaluate financing options, and
  • Install solar PV system

After signing up with the Hub, we will contact you to better understand your project. Next, we’ll connect you with one or more Hub prequalified contractors who will conduct a free solar PV assessment. This assessment includes an evaluation of your home or property for installation of a solar PV system, cost estimate and options for installation.

Please be prepared to provide 12 months of past utility bills. A review of your past energy bills will help to evaluate the value and benefits of a potential solar PV system installation.