The Chisago Clean Energy Hub is an initiative of the Chisago Lakes Chamber of Commerce, the Chisago County HRA-EDA and the America’s Best Communities committee.

Through the Hub, Chisago County homeowners may sign up for a home energy audit and a free solar assessment. Businesses, non-profits and municipalities located in Chisago County are pre-approved for a free energy efficiency audit and solar PV assessment. Sign up today to learn how you can reduce your energy bills.


As a community-wide effort, our individual actions can add up to a big achievement: Powering all of Chisago County with 100% locally-generated renewable energy by 2025!


"After the free assessment we figured that we could get around 28 solar panels on our roof. The application is in and we are looking forward to the installation."

-- Dionne and Bob Kabat, Shafer residents


“Once we looked at the ROI, the LED project was a total no-brainer.”

-- Jason Gamble, Bank manager, Midwest One


"Anybody who is interested in an assessment, it’s free.
You’ll know what you can do with your business or home and you’ll know what that cost will be. It’s not going to cost anything to find that out.”

-- Jill Behnke, Center City resident


“We saw the idea of the energy hub as a great addition for our [area] businesses because it can help them with their bottom lines by lowering their energy costs and attract new businesses to clean energy.”

-- Nancy Hoffman, executive director of the Chisago County Economic Development Authority

Chisago Community Launches County-wide Clean Energy Hub

Community-wide effort will make clean energy easy and cost-effective across Chisago County

CHISAGO COUNTY, MN – Led by the Chisago Lakes Americas Best Communities (ABC) team and supported by the Chisago County HRA-EDA, this month a consortium of area partners launched the Chisago Clean Energy Hub to help area residents, businesses and institutions implement solar and energy saving projects.

A central component of the nationally-recognized Chisago Lakes Area America’s Best Communities (ABC) plan, the Chisago Clean Energy Hub goal is projected to spur $40,000,000 in additional community-based project investment in solar and energy efficiency improvements and to reach 100% locally-generated renewable electricity by 2025.

"The ABC Competition Economic Development committee identified solar energy as a great opportunity for our Chisago Lakes area communities. The Clean Energy Hub platform will be the catalyst providing technical assistance and financing options to our communities," said Wade Vitalis, Chair of the Committee.

The Chisago Clean Energy Hub will provide the following benefits:

- No-commitment energy assessments and technical assistance at little or no cost;
- Hub prequalified contractors, ensuring capable and professional service from service providers with a proven track record;
- Multiple financing options to make clean energy cost-effective, and
- Monitoring collective progress toward the broader community goals.

“The Clean Energy Hub is a great resource for businesses because it can help their bottom lines by lowering energy costs while attracting new businesses to clean energy,” said Nancy Hoffman, executive director of the Chisago County HRA-EDA.

The Chisago Lakes ABC team hired Minnesota-based clean energy consulting firm Eutectics to suggest options for catalyzing economic investment in the region. The identified $40 to $60 million in potential cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy savings projects in the region for residents, businesses and institutions, along with multiple financing tools to make this investment possible. More than a dozen Hub-related clean energy projects are already in progress in the region.